dealsfree t-shirt w/purchase of like button foam…


So first, I was oh, I like.

But then I was like it will like cost me like 26.97 for like a 'free' like shirt, then I was like was all like but it would be cool to have 3 like foam fingers and a like shirt.

Then I was all wait I like have to like buy like 3 foam like hands what am I like going to do with them?
Then I was all like naw. Then I was all like, I want to unlike this.

I like, wish the OP would have like put the 'real price' for the "free" in like the title, like shirt for sure. Like ya know?


@caffeine_dude: Like, decaff. Just saying. lol

Also, I like, totally agree.


actual price: Price: $26.97 plus possible shipping

@caffeine_dude: like, ok like look at it like this ok. um as the OP said, "Social Media Geeks must own these" like or something. so like that's sortof like saying YOU MUST OWN THESE 3 foam like fingers yaknowwhatimsayin like that?