dealscao starter pack for $19.99 + $5.95 shipping


CAO isn't the best, but it's not a bad deal if you need the accessories and want something new to try.

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@videowallart: I am assuming that by your comment that you smoke Swishers??


@colbytitus: That is because the are no longer an indie boutique stick.....General bought them out


@publicart: Huh, I recommended this deal twice. I really only meant to endorse it once...


Not bad... I've had good CAOs BUT I swear 8 out of 10 CAO cigars are essentially plugged.. they pack their tobacco so tightly that they lose all flavor and "smokeability".


I have that lighter and I hate it. It tool me 10 min just to figure out how to open it then another 10 to figure out how to make it light. I can say this is still a good deal even if you exclude the lighter,


The cigars and humidor alone are worth $40-$50 so this is a good deal. I love most CAO cigars. They don't seem to be quite as good as they were several years ago but they don't usually cost as much as they use to either. I remember paying $8+ per stick years ago.


Decent humidor, okay cutter, okay lighter. Cigars are a good name. The only one I care for is the Mx2, but the Brazilia is a very good seller in the shop I work at.

Definitely worth the price like most of these kinds of deals.


The cutter is ok but not great, the lighter is ok but not great as well both are cheaply made, I got the lighter as a freebe with another deal and the filler nozzle broke half way through first filling, it did have a good flame while the fuel lasted. I had the same model cutter as my first it was cheap then but it did the job until I upgraded. All in all not a bad gift set for the beginner.


This is a great deal for a starter kit if you needed the accessories, and is reputable. Sometimes you'll see just the sampler for $14-20. The cigars aren't bad at all. They're on the medium-heavy side. I have the cutter and really like it, only thing is there's a backing on it so you can't get the "perfect cut" on a torpedo. Lighter looks like it'll become a throw away according to a YT comment I found. And the humi is on the small side, but it would be a good desktop humidor. I can recommend this deal!

Note: If you're planning on buying this as a Christmas gift or your first batch of cigars you'll need to find a way to store the cigars before gifting/putting in the humi. It takes ~1 week to season a humi. You'll also want to get a hygrometer and humidity beads. I can recommend this deal!


I don't know the cigars, but the humidor is worth the $20