dealskitty cat costume with skirt and capris, misses…


Back to the front page but w/a lame pic. X


Hmmmm... I don't know about the #sexy tag, the dead mouse kind of minimizes the sexyness....

#inkycatz must have seen this one....


@xibbumbero: Talk to the Gods o' Woot....they won't allow the good pics on Top or Popular.


Agree w/@hobbitss. Sexy??? The model is sexy. The outfit itself is not! Especially w/the capris. If I wore this outfit, no one would think it was "sexy." IMO, the sexy tag is not appropriate.


@gmwhit: @hobbitss The mods tag all of my listings with either #sexy or #lingerie to keep them off the Top tab. They haven't figured out a way (yet!) to keep ohcheri off the top searches on the Leaderboard but give them time...

It's a conspiracy I tell ya!



@ohcheri: And you know that I agree w/you. Conspiracy? Maybe that's too strong of a about Intentional Exclusion? ;-)


@gmwhit: It's most certainly intentional. Luckily my fans know where to find me!