dealsifrogz evolution earbuds for $14.95 + free…


I think it's funny how much downvoting things get before anyone even comments on it. I haven't used these headphones, but I'm not seeing the deal here. They are listed on amazon anywhere from $14-$30 depending on the color.
Only review thus far is 5 stars on any of them. So not really much to go on there...


The problem is no matter how much I pay for headphones they all go bad. The movement always makes the headphones fray in the wires near where they plug in.


I own 8 pairs of iFrogz buds and headphones. Quality on these is as good as Sony and WAY better than that Skull Candy garbage.


I own a pair of these and love them. Paid $25 in the store, so this is a good deal.


Better deal at Walmart, $10 plus $.97 to ship. My local Walmart has a big selection of these. I got a pair for $8.


@robmangano: If you think that you have NO ear for quality. I have a pair of these that sound like absolute garbage right out of the box