dealsmile high club plus size costume for $13.99…


Mile High Club costume?

What, does it make you look like a Jumbo Jet?


Apparently I have a much different idea of "plus size". The model pictured is built almost exactly like my wife. It says "One size fits most 165-275 lbs", no way does the woman pictured weigh 165 or more. Again, built just like my wife who is in her 120's... and if my wife ever sees this I will be sleeping on the couch for putting her weight out there for all to see...


@tarasadies: Exactly. Look at her arms. No way.


Maybe she's 15 feet tall?


Hang on, guys. You don't know what those breast implants are made of. They could be something very heavy.


The one is so sexy. Great find.


@liskur: With enough research just about anyone can be found. Hiding today would require living in a cabin in the middle of the woods in BFE, at best.