dealspattern welded 6” belt dagger with horn handle…


O brother this again! Someone must be getting rich on this.


Just remember daggers are only good if you want to kill someone.Otherwise your just going to end up cutting yourself.Also the flat side of a regular blade allows you to balance your knife.

So these are worthless.


After seeing this for what seems like the millionth time on Woot, I decided to give it a shot. As I was checking out through their web site via their "Check out with Pay Pal" button my anti-virus software alerted me/blocked a trojan horse. So, long story short, I'd get as far away from this as possible if you want to keep your money safe.


SSSLLLOOOWWW shipment from China. You get what you pay for. Please resist, so that they will stop advertising these on this web site. BTW, they seem to hold an adger about as well as the popsicly stick knives I made as a child- using the stick & a sidewalk.


Overall length 6", blade length 3"---so the grip is only 3"--darned small, look at a ruler before ordering. It's pretty, but its more of a letter opener than a knife.


@rudderjo: Don't let them wear you down, fight the good fight!