dealstoshiba dual-core 17.3" notebook computer…


hmmm, a 404 error when i try to visit the page


Information about the chip...

an online review I found

Confirms this is for light use... Facebooking, Email, YouTube Surfing, Woot! Shopping ;)


My guesstimation is this is the midway point between netbook and laptop.
Its a little zippier than the old netbooks, has a much larger screen.
Not gonna play Diablo 3.


This looks like " day one" of the new woot site offering a couple of weeks ago. I bought one, then had second thoughts, it was just too big, so I sold it for for about 40 bucks more thatn what I paid for it.


Can't figure out why this has been repped over 100 times. Almost three years ago I got a brand new HP 17 inch with the same size RAM and drive and a first-gen i3 processor at 2.4ghz for $50 more +tax (after a coupon and a rebate). That's almost twice the Ghz (plus two additional hyperthreaded virtual cores). That PC ought to be on craigslist or ebay by now for about the same price as this "deal."

This Toshiba would be a good gift for Granny, but it's still weak sauce at this price.


sold out, shouldn't it be listed RIP?


@oelschlegel: Hah! I've tattled on this at least three times. I gave up. @brutherford isn't around on the weekends, but (since he's become just another sponsored deal) no longer seems to expire his stuff in a timely manner in any case.

Yes, I'm looking at you, sir. Very disappointed. Where's the fun guy that was making flash deal Monday, and who has taken his place?


@shrdlu: Just got back from vacation & am prancing as fast as I can to catch up.
How you doing? :D


@1sparklyunicorn: Whoa! Even Unicorns are allowed vacations, I suppose.

Truthfully, though, since Moofi has moved to being yet another sponsored deal, I've seen this "lack of prompt retirement" so many times I've become discouraged. I also saw the problem with the certificate on HWD, and hope that they're working on rectifying that.

Hope the vacation was excellent, and that you've come back sparklier than ever. :-D