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It looks like this knife is going to just keep coming back until they sell out.


Would be nice if they'd at least get the last batch of orders shipped before repeating the offer and adding more to the pile. In fairness, they do say it can take as much as three or four weeks to ship when they offer a special like this, but that sort of goes to the point. If they're already three to four weeks behind, how about catching up and piling up enough inventory to cover anticipated orders before offering again?

On edit...

I see that this offer says "In stock, will ship next business day." Wow. My order of two weeks ago still hasn't shipped, but these will ship next business day?


Took awhile, 4 weeks to get mine. My recommendation save your money and go buy a CRKT brand knife. Columbia river also. Nice, quality boot and neck knives for 20 bucks approximately.


Ugh, I fondly remember the days when the Deals.woot descriptions were funny, not just copied and pasted item descriptions.

Anyway, this knife is mass-produced crap. Saying it's "handmade" is a joke, saying it's "Damascus steel" is a lie. It's worth maybe $5 to $10. My friends above already noted the problems with shipping, so I won't repeat that here.

Oh, and if you are inclined to buy, note this is a dagger. Daggers are built to kill people, not do household, garden or camping chores. So this does not have much practical utility outside of decoration and stabbing, make sure you're buying it for one of those reasons (preferably decoration).


HMMM... OR, personally I'm quite fond of due to its "artistic" spelling

and how are they allowed to lie like that? blows my mind.


@mypooka: Thanks for posting about this. I was going to order until I saw your comment. That is messed up of them. No way I am going to order this now!


@wickedgirl: Don't late the wait put you off. Contra some other comments, these are quite nice and well worth the price. Do be aware that these knives are high carbon steel, not stainless, and will rust if not properly cared for. This isn't a bug, it's a feature. Not joking. The steel alloys in these knives will take and hold an edge much better than just about any variety of stainless steel alloy I can think of.


@novastarj: Daggers are built to kill people? No...daggers are just another knife. And these knives, regardless of any issues they may have with shipping on time, are most certainly not "crap." They are in fact quite nice little knives. If they weren't, I wouldn't have ordered this last time to get another.

I am not sure where you get the idea that anything less than 300 layers does not qualify as Damascus steel. That's just not so. As near as I can tell, you're confusing the test from the American Bladesmith Society that requires a smith to forge 300 layers to earn the Master Smith rating, but that has nothing to do with whether or not fewer layers qualify as Damascus steel. I lived with and on occasion worked with/helped an honest to gawd blacksmith outside of Cumming, Georgia in the mid-1990s and she (yes, she) did some work with Damascus that she forged herself. Damascus can have many fewer than 300 layers. Really.


@mypooka: You are confused about what she did. The "damascus" she forged herself likely meant an acid bath.

As far as the blade goes, there is so little information that it doesn't seem like I would trust this site. No indication where the blade is from, and if this is the same place as / - the "guaranteed quality" will mean "guaranteed to possibly open a letter, and then accuse complainers of working for the mythical competition."

I would like more information on where it is hand-made, at the very least. Was it a local blacksmith? One just building a name? Can I see more of this person's wares from other sources?

All in all, seems like a great way to waste $20. For that, I would shop at Budk since they at least have a reputation.


I bought one when it was last up and it's a pretty cheaply knife. It's too small, particularly the handle, to be of any use. Save your money.


I'll also add that "knifes" is a grammatical abomination. ( @conanthelibrarian ) ;o)


Damascus steel is alternating hard and softer layers of steel and only an expert can make sure these are correctly done. The most important part is the edge since if incorrectly done it wont hold an edge and could break when put under stress. Damascus is almost only for decorative purposes unless you are willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Junk. Tiny junk. CCC. Save your money. Woot should be ashamed for allowing this guy to sell this crap here time after time. This is the same guy with the crappy razor deals and here is again with YET ANOTHER website. Stay away from this crook. You aren't getting what you think you are getting.


...jeeesh..."proper spelling corrections".. a last gasp at one-upman-ship....damn!....have a fine and most rightous xsistance.............


Something to consider (via their FAQ page):

"Shipping Policy:
In order to keep product and shipping costs down, we maintain a stream lined system with particular departments. However, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction through great customer service and great products. Please feel free to place orders 24/7 online.
We typically ship items within 2-3 business days of payment clearance. All delivery dates are estimates and are not guaranteed. If your buying from one of our specials, internet sales via deal sites you will want to pay attention to any updates we place on the product page. Please note that our specials often sell high volume and often due to the high volume of orders we may require 2,3 and 4 weeks for fulfillment and shipping on such items. "


Also... I purchased one of these knives from the previous Woot deal and have yet to receive mine. I contacted customer support today and they replied (today) w/ the following message:

"Thank you for the email and order. We just got the knives out from the handle factory on Thursday and we are currently sharpening like crazy. We have a ton of stock and all orders will be filled and shipped Monday. We will send tracking information via email once shipped."


@mypooka: How did you help this blacksmith from cumming with ??? How many folds did it take again to help him from cumming ??? Was your dagger sharp enough ??


Is this the same guy that ran razors through an automatic kitchen knife sharpener? Talks really fancy but sells garbage?


@mypooka: Studies have shown that the more the reviewer speak about themselves the bigger a chance th e review is fake.


@artimid: No, the Damascus she forged herself was in fact Damascus, not an acid bath etched imitation. Look her up: [url=]Corrina Mensoff[/URL]


@benlights: "Studies have shown"? That's a really dumb and juvenile sort of way. Apparently some of you folks don't like it when someone actually knows what they're talking about.


I got a call from a scammy number today. This was the most recent yransactioni did. Anyone else?