dealskitchenaid classic plus 4.5-qt. stand mixer for…


Just to let you know, the 20foru code only works when using a Kohl's charge card. But you can get 15% hy using Blackfri code. And yes, Santa is bringing me one for Christmas!


Thanks - wish I could trust secondhand information (how I found the deal). Glad at least someone's around to help.


just ordered it. Price with "blackfri" code came to $195 including tax. With the $30 rebate and the $45 Kohls cash my total comes to $120. Great Deal!


The silver model came up as 206 on sale with the code 'blackfri' it came down to $189 with tax. With the 30 dollar mail in rebate and the 45 dollars it comes to $114. Such a good deal for Christmas.