dealshardee’s - free thickburger for those dressed as…


Dress like Spider-Man... but no masks!

Isn't that a bit like saying "Dress like Hitler... but no little rectangular moustaches allowed!"


WEll Lots of free food if you dress up this week Im not sure if I can do both spderman(Im a a girl) and the chicka fila cow-that one is a little easier and ya get a whole meal over a burger LOL

But free is free and I am sure theyw ill give lots away to people in spiderman shirts LOL-no mask cause they dont wanna be robbed by their own promotion!


What about going as a spindly nerd with a spider bite?


Future deal, doesn't start until 11 A.M.


if anyone takes advantage of this deal...please, Please PLEASE...Post Pics!!!


@tbgolladay: Nope. According to the rules, and feedback from mods, as far as I know, that only affects deals posted on a day before the deal goes into effect.

People get up in the morning and check deal.woot before going to work/whatever. If there is a deal that will be in effect that day, and it being on the site will give them the ability to acquire that deal, on the day that it is active, then it is valid.

Let's not get so ridiculous with rules that we are hindering people from getting deals, yeah?


Sure would suck if your local Hardee's didn't honor the deal...


@dmaz: I'm not being ridiculous. I posted this deal twice last night, after midnight Eastern time. It was deleted both times.

Wedit. Woot-time is in the Central time zone. You were early.


@tbgolladay: I see. Well, then it simply comes down to the discernment of the staff. If they feel like people won't benefit from this knowledge in the middle of the night, then technically, they always reserve the right to remove it (though, personally, I think the deal is valid and should stand).

I've had more than my fair share of deals deleted, so I know where you're coming from.


@tbgolladay: Additionally, if mine is a "future deal", then, based on when the Starbucks deal was posted, it, too, would be a "future deal"....I just think that this would be taking it a little too far.


I'd bet they'd rather give me a burger to NOT put on a Spiderman costume. LOL


This seems like a really bad idea. People ordering thickburgers probably shouldn't be wearing skin tight outfits.


@0beej0: Yup dressed like a fool and still hungry !


Carl's Jr has the same deal today! What are the odds?


@mleejr: Thick people shouldn't be ordering thickburgers. ;)


It's a grilled cheese bacon burger that you'll get for free. Here's a commercial for it.

Unfortunately no Kate Upton in this ad.


"dress like a fool for a pittance" perform for us, fool!


I can get the same deal by dressing up as a robber


so if you wear a mask, are they going to say.. sorry go home.. rules are rules..


Advantage taken. Rolled in at 11AM our time (precisely) and got the first order in for the promotion by wearing one of the shirts made to look like his outfit. Two others came in after me, less accurately portraying Spider-Man but still got the deal.


I'd think that they'd appreciate a badly made, construction paper full mask than someone who did it accurately. And don't forget your taped on spider on the front of your red (maybe plaid red since these hero costumes are all about textures these days) shirt.

That said, enjoy your thickburger, freaks.


i'm all for dressing up like Spidey, but uh... Hardee's not so much... sad, maybe Wendy's will give me a free sandwich if I come in dressed like Spidey and promise not to come back?


If they had allowed masks, somebody might have robbed the place and all those other people dressed as Spider-Man might have just let him run by only to discover later that the same thief killed their uncle.

Thank you Hardee's, for preventing those tragedies (and possibly also the birth of many superheroes).