deals3-in 1-out hdmi to hdmi switch hub switcher…


I would really have to pass on this. I did a very small amount of research on this problem and found that unless it has a power cord going to the "switch" it probably will not work.

FYI I had different problem way to many non digital three cables (yellow for video,red and white for audio). I found at local Walmart exactly what I needed you plug in 5 in back and one comes out the front. You have to hit a manual 1-5 switch to see on your flat screen which machine you want to view. I have a Region free DVD player on button one,a VCR on button two,a old hacked xbox on button 3,a 5 disk DVD player on button 4 etc.

I think it was $15.99 so rare you find a answer to your problems right away.