dealsmaxim magazine subscription for $2.99 + freeā€¦


Great deal. $2.99 a year if you use the discount code.


If you're looking to get your magazines right away, you won't. It's been over 18 weeks and I have still yet to receive my first issue from them. I had to contact customer service, they contacted the publisher and they said the publisher had my order on a postal hold due to bad address from missing the apt # (which I included correctly in the order).

Thanks for telling me ahead of time, Tanga!


for 3 bucks? I am in! Bought and eagerly waiting. I haven't had a maxim subscription in a long while.


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Maxim is like Esquire for dumb people.


I used to get these subscriptions for my last husband and he never really cared for them. I think my tween and teen sons read (?) them mostly


@mrsque: They are geared mostly toward young boys who have just started to go through puberty and haven't read anything except the back of video game boxes.


(1) As far as mags go, it's a great deal and if it's something you want, you should pounce on it and grab as many years as it will let you.
(2) No, it's not a men's magazine. No, there aren't any serious articles. If you want serious, get the Economist or The Atlantic. It's all fluff articles about some ideal of men, women, and how to finagle yourself into a threesome. And bikini clad women. Lots of them. It's a magazine for boys of all ages and not to be taken seriously.

I had a subscription and have long since given it to my sophomoric 30-something year old friend who still lives at home.

Vote as you will.


Maxim has really gone down hill in the last few years. Not only has the magazine gotten smaller but the lack of interesting articles and substance in the magazine has not been great either. But for $2.99/year thats still dirt cheap.


Worked fine for me. Be sure to add Promo Code Woot. $5.98 for 2 years.;


Thanks, in for four years under $12


I've never understood Maxim. A girlie magazine with limited skin. Not even a complete breast!

As someone zed: a dumbed down version of Playboy.


@chiguy85: Use code WOOT when completing the order.


I've been getting these great magazine deals from Tanga too long. I don't even look at the magazines. I feel like I'm just getting them so I have mail. Not this time Tanga... maybe...

vote-for1vote-against 5 year subscription of MAXIM from a Tanga order in 2008 is about to run out in I renew? DO I?!



Buying something just because it is cheap?

I can sell you a month's production of kitty litter poop for one dollar.

Jump and act promptly on this incredible deal. Literally dirt cheap.