dealscassette tape tape dispenser by j-me design for…


took me a few double takes but i finally "got" it :)


@w00tgurl: Smart selection from Fab again, isn't it? It's such a fun collection of things that I didn't expect.

That "keyholder" is genius, totally British humor. :)


This will go great with my Laserdisc laser pointer.


I have to enter my email just to browse their product? Ridiculous.


@lll0228: congrats on making popular with this funky tape tape dispenser


@sausageballs: agreed. entered a fake email address and it worked, though I had to get a password as well. they must be trying to scare off potential customers.


@sausageballs: Well, then don't look. No one forces you to. CostCo wouldn't let you browse their warehouse without a paid membership, too. Isn't THAT ridiculous?


@lll0228: no, because you know whats at costco, and they won't spam the crap out of your mailbox (the physical kind) whereas i have no clue what's on and for all i know, they might fill my inbox with spam


@captainsuperdawg: Spamming is illegal in the United States. is a New York-based company.

Without checking anything, you made that assumption; that doesn't make a smart consumer. I don't post anything from spamming websites; or counterfeit websites: I am dead set against spams or copyright infringements; and have tattled a bunch of them. People on here often like @w00tgurl would vouch for me on that.

Costco is a great company, and I have met their wonderful CEO multiple times. They don't spam, but they DO know all of your information, including address, email, phone and your purchase history. And you pay to have the privilege to browse their warehouse. Flash sale site is no different, in fact, they know much less about you. Woot is a flash sale site, too. is a well-known flash sale site for the design-minded people. And you gave out your email to browse.

I have personally used it many times and can vouch for's non-spamming.



"Spamming is illegal in the United States. is a New York-based company."

Yes, and we all know that US-based companies never, ever do anything illegal.

"Without checking anything, you made that assumption; that doesn't make a smart consumer."

Actually, it does. A smart consumer assumes that anyone seeking his or her business is out to screw them in any way possible until it's been proven otherwise. Haven't you ever heard of "caveat emptor"?

"I have personally used it many times and can vouch for's non-spamming."

If you have any spam in your inbox at all you have no way of verifying whether the spam came from someone who was sold your e-mail address by this company. Or any company you give your e-mail address to.


i use a fake email & pw to browse the flash sale sites if i want to see the details. i have no idea if they spam but if they did, i feel sorry for whoever has the made-up email i always use

@captainsuperdawg: he does speak up against people who post counterfeit designer stuff, i've seen that


I thought this said "Cassette Tape Dispenser" lol...

I wondered what people were using so many cassettes for, so frequently that they needed a DISPENSER for 'em heh.. I figured that I was just out of the loop on some new, trendy use for cassette tapes :)

But lo and behold, I just have stupid eyes.


@w00tgurl: The key is to make an email that nobody else would have :) like

That way, you're not pouring spam into random folks' mailbox...and random folks don't have your IP address sent to them in spam :)

(A lot of companies have started sending little notes saying something like: "Someone with the IP signed you up for this")..back in the NetBus days it was hip (and a LOT easier) to sign your enemies up to get spammed to death.


@mashuren: The easiest thing to do, is to go to; check it out. Other than making assumptions that's unfounded. It's like saying there are aliens on the dark side of the moon. How is that a logical assumption without any supporting data? Finding these out is not difficult; unfounded fear is crippling.

That said, once again, if people don't like flash sale sites that are totally legitimate, just don't use them. It's like flipping TV channels. :)

The ONLY safe way to be online is not to be online. Do you hand your credit card to waiters at restaurants? That is MUCH more dangerous (verified by peer-reviewed studies) for identity theft than shopping online. Do you stop going to restaurants? Life is a game of statistics; and at this point, it's all stacked against you. Did you doubt that Woot would "sell" your email? Your email, just by signing up here, is now shared among ALL companies.


@w00tgurl: Exactly.

I wonder how many emails does get per day. :p



Man you can spout that malarkey all you want, you know just as well as the rest of us that it's a low move to make a brotha type in an e-mail address to look at a product, spam or no spam


@lll0228: You dont have to sign up to go to costco. go to the front ask if you can look around to decide if you want to join and they will let you right in. Fab is not Fab