dealsfish mcbites $1 snack size bites for $1.00


Looks like no coupon is needed, you just go to any participating McDonald's the 12th through the 14th. I'll prolly go today.


This is not a deal - regular price right now. My daughter loves these.


@cebii: It is running from the 12th to the 14th. How is this not currently a deal?


How many pieces do you get? Because the commercial makes it look like three.


@thepenrod: Rumor has it 10 pieces come in the snack size, 15 in the regular size and 30 in the shareable size.

@cebii: After the 14th the price bumps up to $2.50. So this would be a deal.


Yummy. Mystery fish processed and rolled in balls!


Not like I've been to McDonald's in quite some time anyway, but a "Fish McBite" is not something I really want to eat... Sounds more like a crime-busting sea creature (works with McGruff, but they're in different precincts).


These are the worst tasting fish ever!


I have tried these. They are basically tiny little fish filet sandwich bites. I thought they were "OK" but nothing amazing. I wouldn't make a meal out of them, but maybe the small size for a little snack.


Not bad....good for a buck. I like White Castles better.


My McD charged me $2.29... nice >:I


The perfect Valentine's meal!


@fatkaboo: I totally agree, and had pretty much the same reaction. "mcbite" just sounds so weird. I suppose "mcnugget" once sounded weird too...but still if they have to keep "mc" in the title, mcfish bites, mcfishies, or fishen mcnuggets would be so much better.

[That being said, even though I felt like an idiot ordering them, I loved them a lot.]


These are $1 at my local McD's right now too, so whether the price goes up AFTER the deal date or not, I don't see how this is a deal now.

On a personal note I got a free one there the other day (order mix-up), and all I can say is they were so nasty I only ate two, passed them off to my wife who had one and we ended up throwing the rest out. But since everyone who said these taste gross got downvotes, I can only imagine they have someone trolling this board.


While YMMV depending on whether freshly made, I found this item to be very tasty. Number of McBites per container will vary upon size of each as they fill the container. I had 11 in my first sample. Be sure to ask for an extra tartar sauce if ordering more than one.


My wife and I enjoyed the McBites for $1.00 with 9 in a box. As a matter of fact, liked them better than mcD's fish filet. I wouldn't pay $2.49 (their regular price) for them.