dealsice age trilogy blu-ray disc - best buy for $14.99


thanks for the deal, in for one, awesome movie package!


FYI, When I first went to Best Buy using this link the trilogy was marked as reg.$24.99, on sale for $14.99. After thinking about it a bit, I just went to Best Buy direct and entered Ice Age Trilogy and it brought the Blu-ray up and said "list price $34.99", but when I selected that item it then took me to the spot where this link takes you. So, out of curiosity, went to Amazon where they have the Blu-ray trilogy for $39!

Anyway, excellent deal ... thanks for posting it. I only saw the first one with my nephew and we both enjoyed it! Now that I took advantage of your find and opted for store pickup, I can look forward to sharing the last two with him. Thanks for that "richardlb"!


Not mentioned is that this appears to come with the DVD and digital copies as well, at least according to the listing on Amazon. $15 for all each movie with Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy is fantastic.

I have the first on DVD, the third on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital already, but not the second. Trying to decide if this is worth the purchase for me. :-\

One thing I think I recall is that the digital copy is on laptop doesn't have a disk drive and obviously neither does my tablet, leaving me without a way to get the digital copy. Disney's digital copies are the same way. I much prefer the download code so I can access them through either my Amazon video list or through Ultraviolet, or whatever, so I can access them on any of the Rokus throughout my house.


Man my local best buy never has anything in stock :(


@dakranii: One of the reviewers on Best Buy mentions this trilogy having the digital version on disc coming with it, so I'm guessing it DOES have the same as the Amazon with each movie having 3 discs, blu-ray, DVD and digital. If I get out to pick mine up today I'll post what it includes.

It appears 2 out of the 3 movies are each $14.99 and the first is $12.99, so for the price of one you get all three! Sounds like, even if only need one of the three, you'd want to just spring for the trilogy.


@willyone: yeah, I ended up caving and buying it. I'm a sucker for deals, as is everyone here. 😊


@dakranii: Ya, we're all suckers ..... spelled S-M-A-R-T! I've always enjoyed work but I also wanted to be able to spend my money on the things, big and small, that bring me pleasure. But I've always enjoyed the shopping aspect, the learning, the sharing info. and the SAVING MONEY! Getting that, whatever, and not only spending less than 90% of everyone else who bought that whatever, but enjoying it more because of what I learned while shopping! So good job ... your one of us!

BTW, I picked mine up and for everyone reading this you indeed get all three discs (blu-ray, DVD and digital version) per movie. It's just like they took each individual movie in it's standalone packaging and then simply made a package to hold the three. Really quite a nice deal! Oh ya! .. that feeling of satisfaction is now starting to wash over me. It's a good day, hope the same for all readers!