dealssave $25 on hotels + 100 vacations for less than…


with all the sh*t sears screws up these days, why would anyone want to take a chance buying a vacation from them?


These look like pretty good deals, actually. I'd much rather buy something with the Sears brand behind it than from some no-name travel operator.


Looked at what they had, I know nothing about cruises but I guess that's an ok price, however I know a Little about going to Las Vegas (a 399 and 349 deal). Given that the price doesn't include airfare and only one has car rental, I'm going to say that it's not a good deal. I traveled out there for 1,100 for two people flight, car rental and a week at a very nice casino. Hotels there are CHEAP! even nice ones they make their money on gambling not sleeping


it wont even load the deals for me. I let it "process the trip" for about 5 min... nothing came up. That and I used to work for sears. TERRIBLE place to work. I dont trust them at all after seeing the way its ran.


Have to sign up to even see the deals? No thanks!


I was sad the day Kmart purchased Sears.


I'm trying to understand the logic:

1) Sponsored vacation packages always get seriously downvoted here.
2) Sears, once a retail titan, became largely irrelevant since the dawn of Walmart and Target, Since its acquisition by Kmart, it's been a laughingstock of pure ineptitude for a few years now.

I can only conclude then that someone in their marketing department recalled from a middle school math class that a negative times a negative equals a positive, so this would be a surefire success--Only reiterating their utter ineptitude,

Hmm, a trip to Vegas to place a bet on when Kmart/Sears finally gives up the ghost for good? Put me down for October.