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What's the best GTA game?


@arevan: It is all personal preference. My favorite was Vice City,
San Andreas is Huge and has both city and country driving and flying
GTA IV has just city driving and no flying


@segafanalways: Thanks for your recommendations! I think I will be buying GTA:SA. Thank you again!


You can also get all of the GTA games for just $12.49. Look for the Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack. You may have to browse under Rockstar Games publisher page to find it, it might be listed under Grand Theft Auto or Grand Theft Auto 2.


@arevan: In my opinion Vice City is the best when it comes to the older GTA's. The music was amazing and just the overall feel of the game like if you were back in those bad@## times. You get a lot of open world games like GTA but Vice City is one of a kind.


what's the best sim game you can play on a computer?


@ericpost: "The Sims 'insert number here'"

Unless you're talking about some other type of simulator. Train simulator 2013 is pretty freaking accurate to the real world.


@ericpost: That all depends heavily on the type of "sim" you are looking for. There's some great ones out there and if you narrowed the focus a little you'd probably get some good suggestions.


The Bioshock deal isn't really worth it. A deal on a Bioshock dual-package for $5 on Amazon was posted here on Woot some days ago and Amazon still has that deal:


Jumped on Witcher 2 for 7.49 should be some fun. Bought a retarded amount of games this sale. Went to amazon ordered a 35 ft. hdmi cable and a wireless adaptor for my xbox controller so I'll at least be able to play most of these games in the living room on the couch without moving my laptop from its desk (its all locked into speakers, keyboards and mice, why move it if i don't have to :P)