dealshamilton beach half pint soft serve ice cream…


@easygoingal: Geez, I wonder if it's because this deal is from... Amazon.


But seriously, half a pint? That's like a glassful of ice cream. For not much more, you can buy much larger ice cream makers which actually make it worth the trouble and time spend in making your own dessert.


This product sucks for making ice cream. You're better off buying the actual ice cream at the store.


I picked one of these up at Target on clearance for $12. It's a neat little thing, but it takes a little longer than normal to get decent ice cream out of. No matter how cold you get the bowl, it never seems to make a good, solid ice cream right away. The best consistency I could get after trying different recipes was something that was almost soft serve in texture, but still very runny. It seemed to work best mixing up a batch and throwing it back in the freezer until it hardens. Otherwise, it just melts too quickly. If the serving size wasn't so small, it wouldn't be so much of a problem, as you could make a big batch and then pick at it over a few days. Unfortunately, this is about a serving and a half, maybe, and the instant gratification of making a quick bowl of ice cream is diminished by having to wait for it to firm up. Clean up is simple enough, and it works, somewhat, but it's not instant enough for me to use it very often.


Nothing against this deal or anything, but I have this little ice cream maker. I got it oh, I think just after Christmas maybe when target was clearancing them out for at or just under $20. I'm not really happy I paid that much. It makes a single serving of ice cream at a time. If you try to make what would be a "half pint" all you end up with is a mess, and a very poorly made result that's half melted and half finished as the bowls unfreeezes in no time at all. It doesn't take long to turn back into soup even if you just leave it in the freezer bowl and eat it out of that, we're talking minutes. It has to be put back in the freezer to harden, but it just never gets enough air into it and just turns into a brick of ice. I was very dissatisfied with this thing and its been packed up in the box for me to return it for ages, but thanks to a memory problem I even forgot I had it until I saw this posted.


you all seem to be complaining that the SOFT SERVE ice cream maker doesn't make firm ice cream. if you want firm ice cream then buy an ice cream maker designed for that. Don't trash a product because you want it to do something that it wasn't designed to do.


@rothery2: If it made soft serve, it would be fine. The end result is too runny to be considered soft serve. It never quite gets up to anything solid, more of a thick ice cream soup with some lumps in it. That's not quite soft serve.



I agree. I got this ice cream maker and it does not make soft serve ice cream. I think of it as my Frappe maker. Yes I am from Massachusetts and frappes are like milk shakes with Ice cream.


Not sure why anyone would want to make a half pint of ice cream. Most ice cream recipes make at least a quart of ice cream, so you'd have to keep the remainder of the unmade ice cream recipe in the refrigerator until you're ready to make another half-pint. Then do the same thing again, and again. And each time would be an additional clean-up of the ice-cream maker. Makes much more sense to get a regular size ice-cream maker and make the whole thing all at once and freeze it so your ice cream is all ready when you get that craving. Unless it's the soft-serve angle that gets you (but it doesn't sound like it's all that good at that, either).


If you're into portion control, a serving of ice cream is considered 1/2 a cup. In theory, this would make enough fresh ice cream for a couple to have dessert in just 6 minutes. That being said, I could get through half a pint of ice cream so quickly I wouldn't even remember eating it five minutes later.


I have this ice cream maker as well and I'd agree with all the comments here so far. It makes really soupy ice cream.

BTW, we're discussing ice cream machines over here:


@shawnmiller: I have this ice cream maker too and totally agree. I was a little disappointed.


@corfeld: Try putting the mix in the freezer for a bit, then putting it in the mixer. works a bit better...