dealsranger fishin' buddy - r/c toy boat for $29.99…


Link to the old sellout.woot deal:

Edit: I saw on that thread that @jas0ncarr0ll wanted it last time. Maybe he'll see this in time...


I got one. I only wish it added to my totals :)


@baronz: Hey, good point! I would share your complaint, but I already got my black box AND I was able to use my Amazon points to pay for it. I probably won't use this thing much since I don't fish very often anymore, but I think it'll be neat to try to catch fish with it. Gives me an excuse to make plans and go fishin'. If the fish aren't biting, I can just play with my R/C boat!

Good price, had to get it. Wife is sure to be displeased...


Oh man! I got mine on the sellout deal, but haven't had a chance to use it yet - I was planning on getting at least another one if it works half as good as I expect it to. But I will wait it out, I imagine it will come up again. Can't wait to try it out next weekend :)


Seems to be back up to 79.99 for me, but either way...

You know how they count the fishermen by the use of their lines? IE: you can't fish two poles in some states unless you have your stamp that says you can fish two poles.

This isn't a pole/rod. This is a toy and I'm merely a remote control boating enthusiast?

Don't get me wring I'm very much in favor of paying license fees for what it sustains, but it does make me wonder if this is a loophole.


Deal is dead. It's back up to regular price... :(