dealsbeef sausage bites by wisconsin maid – case lot…


Nothin' like getting a little discreet sausage action.


Not a deal @ 53¢ per ounce... different packaging but 39¢ per ounce on Amazon.


@acomputerdude: Thank You for your comments, but these are not the same. For sale are individual 3 oz. package, not a single 40 oz. package. It's like comparing items you buy at a warehouse store to the supermarket. You would still need to take the time to break the bigger bag down, and then pay for something to put it into. Also we cannot compare ingredients and nutrition counts since they are not listed , and you can't tell from the image.

When comparing you need to compare apples to apples not apples to pears. They may share some features, but they are two different items.