dealsget smart - gift set - 25-disc set (dvd) for $46…


I loved Barbara Feldon in this show...... plus the fact that Mel Brooks did most of the writing made this an incredible show to watch


Shtarker! This is KAOS. We don't "ka-frickin'-boom" here.


Ah, the old 25 DVD for 46 dollar gift set trick. I should have seen that one coming.


That's the second biggest gift set I've ever seen.


Would you believe 99 discs... for $86 and the pin # to your atm? And I hope I wasn't out of line with that woot about...


My wife bought this set for me a while ago, I highly recommend it. Even on our 42" 1080p plasma this show looks great on DVD.


Does this include the episode where he messes up really bad, but it works out okay in the end? I love that one!


Would you believe...I have 4 out of 5 of the seasons on DVD. Time to pull 'em off the shelf again and watch.


I have read that Henry and Brooks originally wrote Feldon's part as Agent 69 but couldn't get it past the censors.

Given what I know of those two men I don't doubt this one bit..