dealscraftsman 100-pc accessory kit for $19.99


I have this set and it is a steel at this price. Only regret is that it is made in China. Craftsman used to be made in the USA.


@jjlonger: A steel, eh?

Ba-dum-tish! Thank you, I'll be here all night!


@jjlonger: Their tools are still made in the USA but it seems that their experimental tools are made outside the USA.


Many Craftsman hand tools are made in the USA, but this kit is described as sourced from TTI, which is in China. Craftsman power tools are often deceptively labeled as made in the USA with imported components, which only means that the tool itself was made in China and it was put into final packaging in the USA.


Unfortunately, the comment above about "made in the USA" is incorrect. I am not defending Sears, and I try very hard to buy tools that are made in the USA, but to set the record straight, there are very strict regulations about labeling and the use of "made in USA" and also "assembled in USA". Both requre a substantial percentage of actual content that comes from the USA. i.e."more than just an end of assembly line screwdriver assembly..." and certainly packaging is not included in the calculation. I buy USA whenever possible, but it's getting difficult!


After owning many Craftsman tools in the past and present, the quality just isn't there anymore. The only decent thing is if/when you break something, you can take it almost anywhere that has Craftsman and exchange it out.

I once found a bag of old rusted Craftsman tools on the side of the road and was able to exchange it all at Sears with no fuss.


@decyde: My father in law did that. He found a broken Craftsman adjustable wrench on the street and Sears gave him a new one.


I got mine for $12 and free shipping to home.

$5 Cfraftsman Club
$4 rewards points and 90 day free trial Rewards Max shipping.

Cant tell from photo, Video and description if it has any Torx or Hex bits,,, which would really suck because that means there's a lot of redundant Phillips and flatheads.


Can someone explain how you can get a $20 set of tools with Made In America by high wage, pensioned union employees?

You guys want cheap but high quality and Made in America. Might your requests be a bit unreasonable? And you guys are probably the ones saying "you get what you pay for" but are surprised at the low quality of a $20 set of tools.


@first2summit: With modern tech and machinery the cost of everything should be ridiculously cheap. It takes fewer and fewer people to produce products.

We should all have to work fewer and fewer hours and days per week to get by and still own a nice home, and all the extras and have a nice savings account. Even a cook in a diner or the dishwasher should have to work LESS than 8 hours a day RATHER than 3 jobs just to get by.


And everyone forgets that Its is K-mart not Sears even though the deal brokered with Martha Stewart's help was to keep the Sears name but use K-mart management and know how.


@danieleg: Sorry but that's just not true. You just can't say "technology" and think that it overcomes economics like it's some magic wand. The economics is greater than the tech. Within the price of the item, you've got the following that imported products don't:
- union paid employees with higher pay than what it should be due to union contract negotiations
- high health care costs
- pension costs for a ever growing and growing population
- higher costs of materials since sourced in US
- etc

Here's a newsflash for you - there have always been poor and struggling people and they've always been the majority of the population. Cultures throughout history have been built on the backs of the low-waged, illegal immigrants, and slaves. Look up the Gini index (econ measure of wealth disparity) throughout history to see what I mean.

And to your point about a dishwasher, etc. If that were to be true, then you'd have a lot more in everything, i.e. inflation. You can't escape economics.


@danieleg: And technology isn't free. It comes by way of paying really smart and usually highly paid people to do the research, development, testing to create the tech and the company who pays for all that is going to want a return plus some of that investment back.


@danieleg: Let me add to the costs of that tool set:
- administrative costs and salaries (the other people in the company who don't actually make the tools)
- marketing and advertising
- insurance
- various utilities costs
- plant lease, purchase costs
- machinery lease/purchase costs
- taxes
- eke out some sort of profit

...and there's certainly more. So yes, technology has made it cheaper and more efficient but materials and labor are far from the only cost components of any item.


Not to bring this discussion back to the product or anything, but people should be aware that the Craftsman warranty does not cover anything with cutting edges or powered - like drills and drill bits and such. The product has to be Craftsman branded. It can get fussy - like wire cutters in a pliers set might not be covered.


@first2summit: You want to talk about "The economics" and "forget" to mention Wall St and the CEO's exorbitant salary and bonuses?

Deduct the yachts and this set would be $5


@lfannin: you're right that the precise labeling on the package for those merely packaged in the USA is "assembled in the USA", but 99% of consumers don't understand the difference and think they're buying a "made in the USA" product.


@danieleg: That's a completely stupid statement but not surprising.

Sears Holding is a $5B market cap and $42 billion in revenue organization. The CEO has a pay of $1.44MM annually so if you think cutting his and other top level exec's pay, about $10MM total, would drop the price to only $5, you have no idea what you're talking about. You should stop posting such uninformed statements. You're only making yourself look bad. Really.


The debate is over when you stoop to ad homs.


@danieleg: It was over when you made that ridiculous comment about CEO pay. It showed you have no idea what you're talking about. BTW - I was giving you advice.


to those of you who missed this deal, be happy. the tools are garbage and not even one of them are straight......i might stop buying "craftsman" if they are on the china level now...