dealsdinosaur patch for $0.99 + free shipping


well, what the hell. i like triceratops. in for 1.

also, there is a bird patch for $0.99 too.


Curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal!


@llamallamaduck: What the hell indeed, got both the triceratops and the bird. :D

Yay for no-account-required checkout on their website! It does still want an email address for your receipt, with instructions that you can opt out of their promotional emails after you've already gotten one.


@mikeknight01: Ugh. My comment is made less plainly a goof by some putz having actually downvoted this. Creationist?


If a T-Rex could time travel, he would have to journey less time to eat this patch than he would to eat a Stegosaurus. Bam-o:

And in case you do decide to eat this patch: