dealscolumbia river knife, spork, wrench, opener…


$5 shipping per unit kills the deal


@shollingworth: They have not heard of combining shipping, or they are making extra $$ by charging for each item.


Shipping is per item.

This is for three. They weight next to nothing and have a very small footprint. Yet they cost $15 to ship. Probably would cost about $4 with first class.

Subtotal: $5.85
Shipping: $14.97
Total: $20.82


Shipping charges are deductible so they can make the sale look like they didn't make very much while making a greater amount. For example, they buy the object for $2, sell it for $1.95 so they can show a profit of $0.05 but really making $5.05 minus actual shipping costs like postage, envelope, and labor to package.