dealsspartacus (50th anniversary edition) [blu-ray…


This was a great movie when I was a kid. I hope it looks better on blu-ray, seeing as it's been restored, but I'd like to know how it's done to make the movie clearer than the original. Again, you buy it and I'll watch it. Hee hee


@mfladd: That wasn't the price at B&N when I added this deal. Good find.


@thebopster: still a good movie at either price.


@losparkz: Unfortunately, this Blu-Ray doesn't look all that great. The studio used a heavy amount of DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) to scrub away the film grain, resulting in a waxy appearance. I'd probably wait for a better transfer (Criterion, maybe?), especially if you care about video quality.

This review gives a good summary: