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Why all the negatives? So it's sponsored, who cares! This is a great deal! I happen to like my cheap glasses from them. Even at regular prices, where are you going to buy a pair of prescription reading glasses for $6.99? Or regular reading glasses for that matter!


It's a WHOPPING $5.95 "discount", that's why.


Goggles4u has the strangest ratings. I swear one sale will be negative one day, and then the exact same sale will have 100+ the next month. I don't understand it at all.

I will say that I'm a little less interested since they started charging for tinting. I've bought a bunch of tinted glasses from then in the past just because they're cool and it was free, but now that it's an extra $5, I won't just buy three in one go anymore. Not that I can blame them.

Edit: Not even kidding:


@sheldon: First> Not a single of their glasses for "males" are extremely femimine.
Second> Their Large glasses are usually the medium sizes on other sites.
Third> NO their lenses are the standard low index plastic lenses. Zenni optical have a higher index lenses and their glasses is only a few dollars more.


@markpsw: Looks to me like the low end for both sites is identical (1.57).

Have ordered from Goggles4u once before and was satisfied.


The discount is the same amount you end up paying once you add shipping. I paid $5.95. I haven't received them yet, ordered 6 January. The web site just says "order shipped" but doesn't say when. I can't vote on this one.

Placing the order wasn't easy. Their web site doesn't entirely work. It didn't like my prescription and kept telling me, in bad English, to click something that didn't exist. In the end, I had to upload a photo because they couldn't understand how each of my two eyes had different needs. So if you've got a weird prescription, expect to do that.


@haydesigner: That's an absurd justification. Have you checked out any mainstreet prescription glasses prices lately? Hundreds. You can get a ton of their glasses, with lenses fitted and coating, for WELL under that.

Yes, their website is not the best and I believe to keep their prices down, they have to make some compromises on what kind of prescription they can fill. But that has nothing to do with how insanely good of a deal these guys offer. So far, from people who have ACTUALLY USED them, they are all very happy. That says a lot more than from those who are not man-enough to wear fashionable frames.


@markpsw: "First> Not a single of their glasses for "males" are extremely femimine."

I have no idea what you meant by that. You mean their frames for men are feminine? Or do you mean that you are not man enough to be fashionable?

"Second> Their Large glasses are usually the medium sizes on other sites."

So? They have exactly numerical measurements. Any one who would rely on vague "large" or "medium" to make a judgement on measurement deserves to get things wrong. The vendor is honest, and factual. That's hardly a minus.

"Third> NO their lenses are the standard low index plastic lenses. Zenni optical have a higher index lenses and their glasses is only a few dollars more."

And you are wrong, again, as proven above.


@goggles4u: what is the name of that wooden looking frame to the right? Could you kindly link it? Thanks!


Nice Deal! It is for both man and woman?


@lll0228, my comment was obviously solely about the 'discount' offered here with the coupon. I said nothing about the price or quality of any of the actual products. Are you a shill for the website, or do you always freak out so badly?


@irrenmann: Indeed. You are right on this. I have ordered from both and the quality of the other is vastly superior.


I love this site and Zenni Optical, when they run their deals they blow the brick&mortar glasses stores out of the water! Yes you have to upload scans of your prescription (not a huge deal even if you have an old scanner), and yes you have to break out a ruler and measure your old glasses so you know what size glasses to get so they will fit but all of this saves you HUNDREDS of dollars! I just don't understand the down-votes today.


I ordered four pairs of glasses from them in the end of November, one with tinting (which was free at the time). I received them towards the end of December, per their estimates. A few things to note:

These prices can't be beat from what I've seen.
Shipping takes a whiles (from Thailand, to their US Distribution, to you)
You won't receive tracking information until it reaches the US, but you can chat with them to get it
I didn't need to scan a prescription -- just typed it in
All glasses come with a case and cleaning wipe
My rimless pair broke when trying to adjust the nosepiece, so be careful

All in all, if you're in need of glasses, it's a great deal.


I ordered from them last fall and was satisfied with the glasses and the price. A great deal.


I've ordered at least 1/2 a dozen pairs from these guys, and they make for great glasses I don't have to worry about breaking. Quality is definitely not as high as at a brick and mortar store, but they're a great value. Actually, the last pair I bought from them received a ton of compliments (at least relative to my other "normal" glasses) The only thing I don't like is that it can take a month or more to get my glasses, but I guess that's to be expected coming from Thailand


These guys are great! I have ordered multiple times and have recommended them to everyone I know.

Recently I purchased a pair for my wife, when they came in they were wrong... BUT in speaking with them through email they pointed out it was MY mistake in setting pupil distance. BUT, would you believe they replaced the glasses FOR FREE... no hassle.

It is true that their ratings are all over the place. But I believe that is only due to the fact that IF something goes wrong, most people just get mad and hold a grudge instead of taking 5 minutes to call them. Goggle4U have the nicest staff and if they can fix your problem they gladly will.

I will always order from them. I now have a pair of prescription aviators in all of my cars and 1 in the office just in case. They are definately worth a shot. The quality is overall far better than the price.


The negatives don't understand this deal. It's not $5.95 off... it's $5.95 off the Frame and 100% off the $30 lenses!


@haydesigner: 85% off isn't good enough for you?


The negative rating is not justified, it is great.


Just received another pair from them (my 3rd) and was, again, impressed. The unbelievable cheap frames ($5?!) aren't as robust as the ones you'd find in a glasses shop. Not a problem, really, but if you're looking for that level of durability, the "expensive" frames in the $30 range are comparable to anything you'd pay $200 for. The sunglasses I just ordered are a tortoise frame from the $15 collection. They are nicer than the $6 frame, not as nice as the $30 frame.

FWIW, I ordered them on Jan. 2 and received them last Saturday, Jan. 14th...


Just after thank giving I took advantage of on of their free frames and $19 off lenses deal. With shipping I paid about $10.

I got one of the Ted Baker designs and in a brick and mortar store I would have easily paid $150 or after insurance for similar designs and this included scratch and anti-glare. Sure It took about three weeks to get the glasses, but I had done my research about Goggles4U ( and and I was not in hurry as my old glasses was still fine, other than my prescription had changed a little. I love how I can keep my prescription on file with them so that when I about two weeks ago ordered another pair (same glasses as earlier, but with the sun-glass tinting), all I needed to do was select my prescription and off we went.

If you want to save money on your glasses and your not in a hurry I would chose Goggles4U.


@darthemerald: I have bought from both sites and never had to scan my prescription. I just put in the numbers where it says.

And for the record I found Zenni to be far superior in quality and value. Their mid-index lenses are always free and include coatings.


looks like a few people threw negatives, then the lemming landslide for ratings followed.
this is deal. you can go in and make yourself a pair of reading glasses that account for an astigmatism for a buck or two more than cheap disposable walgreens reading glasses cost.

If someone has a better deal for beater prescription glasses than $5.95 shipped, please post it.


@dcpotts: Lemming, reporting in, sir!

I'm sure this might be a good deal with your prescription. You're lucky, so congrats! With mine, CoastalContacts, when they do their free frames deal, is better.

My biggest reason for down-voting is that I tried to order, couldn't find the answers to my questions anywhere on the site, so I had to live-chat a CSR to find out that (a) I have to use the Wizard, not the drop-down (menu goes to -8.00, but there's no indication of what to do if your prescription is higher; at first glance, it looks like they just don't go that high) or (b) that tinted lenses may or may not come in my strength.

I wasted 15 minutes trying to find the answers on my own then resorted to 15 minutes of chat with a CSR who kept trying to call me, then dodged the question ("Are tinted lenses available in my prescription?") three times before finally telling me that if I upload my scanned prescription, I can place an order, pay them, and then find out!

Sounds peachy! =D


I've ordered three so far from them, happy every time.


I too only found a $5.95 discount but I guess $33 for a backup pair of glasses isn't necessarily a bad deal. Coupon doesn't seem to work at all on designer frames.


@banai: Im in the same boat. My glasses are shipped but I have no clue when or how.


@haydesigner: when you're referring to a product that is "regularly" priced 6-7 dollars, you can't bitch because it's only 5-6 dollars off...

"2000 paperclips for a penny? jeez, they're barely worth a penny that couldn't possibly be more than a penny off per paperclip." (Me, paraphrasing your gripe)


New to the whole glasses thing, but I think I might be needing them soon. Where's a good place to get a cheap, reliable eye exam?


If you wear bifocals, watch out! They will charge you a fortune for bifocals.

I have ordered from this company once and won't do it again. After they charged my credit card for the order, they sent me an email demanding more money. When I said to cancel the whole order and refund what I paid, they suddenly decided to fill the order for the original charge. Then it took twice what they said to get the glasses. I ordered two pair, of the same frames. Each came in a totally different style of eyeglass case.


Ease up on the downvoting.I ordered from them on the last deal and they are great. Not just great for the price, great all around. If you have no experience with them, don't downvote.


I apologize for the lemming shot, I get frustrated with the Woot rating system for obvious reasons.
Clearly you had a legitimate gripe. I appreciate you taking the time to post your experience. It's really helpful to see legit concerns & experiences posted.. Thanks :)


BE INFORMED will only allow the discount on 1 pair of glasses even if you order several pair. does not say that on woot nor on their home page.


Not bad for an extra pair of shooting glasses.


I ordered-December 2011. Followed instructions on the site, paid for the order and received my glasses about 3 weeks later.

Unfortunately, lenses were both damaged(scratched)and defective & the bridge on both pairs were attached crookedly. I contacted the service department and was told to take digital pictures of the problems - but I don't have a digital camera with a high enough resolution. They then said just email them with the problem. I did and heard nothing; it was in between Christmas and New Year so I waited the 7 or so days.

I contacted them and they said they never got my email-I sent it again. They 1st offered me a coupon: free prescription lenses but I had to pay for the new frames + shipping/handling. I said no - I wanted a refund. Only then did they offer a free of charge replacement. I opted to simply get my refund and returned the damaged glasses (paying shipping/handling costs myself, as per their policy). Disappointing but perhaps others have better luck.


@chadness: Costco, and you don't even need to have a membership card. Around $60 if you're not going for the contacts exam.


Here's a calculator that will tell you thicknesses for different prescription strengths with different index lenses:


Ordered on a previous deal, 6 January. Received 25 January. I bought a pair with clip-ons specifically for driving. I haven't driven in the day yet to see how well they block the sun, but the prescription sure seems right. (I can't really tell for both eyes, since one doesn't improve no matter what the docs do.)