dealsjourney diamond pendant for $229.50 + shipping


This should be mentioned: A 1/2 carat spread over 7 diamonds, means your going to get some pretty small ones in the this setting.

My other opinions: Also the color is I/J which is still really good, and even with a clarity of I1, there should be no flaws visible to the naked eye, without a jeweler's lens.

One more thing: Jewelry companies are masters at photographing their products, this necklace will not look as good as the photograph, so just tone down the sparkle in your mind and should be okay.


@Catbertthegreat: Always nice to see someone who knows stuff. Good points, all of them. In addition, this site is trustworthy, but that is NOT true of all of them. Remember folks, do your homework. Especially with jewelry.

(I've been hanging out too many hours over on Fresh)


I have not bought this item but I have bought from this seller in the past and they are terrible! Do not buy from this seller they do not sell quality products. Furthermore, there appraisals they send you are not accurate. Beware.....


The price has been dropped to $229.50.


Be careful, many people don't like the look of Journey Pendants,
unlike what the jewelry commercials want you to believe.

Like with all jewelry (and wearable gifts), make sure it fits the intended person's style.

just watching out for your money...


Im not wasting my time jumping from deals.woot to whoever. will prob not use this service.


Is it endorsed by Steve Perry?