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Does anyone have any experience with something like this? Is it worth the $$? My son loves legos (and so does dad!) but whew - kinda pricey to find out the hard way if it is a bust.


There's 8 five-star reviews. That's a solid endorsement if I ever saw one. This one is part of the architecture series, so it's not going to DO anything, but it certainly looks impressive. For that kind of money, I'd rather go all out and get the Super Star Destroyer


I really want the bridge, but I haven't seen it myself. There is a video on Lego's website that includes a fly-through of the bridge as well.


@davidbertram: Nice! What I like about these type of LEGO builds is that you actually have to build them. It is so frustrating buying LEGOS for kids because the ones for younger kids have huge pieces that barely have any assembly at all. I remember when all LEGO sets had a ton of pieces.