dealscottonelle clean care toilet paper 12 doubleā€¦


@nycloseout: it's not for shipping. it's for free in store pickup at your local kmart


Interesting concept. So you pay online and then go to KMart and pick it up? This deal seems to be the exception, though. $4.50 for a 12 pack of Coke?! $5-something for Dr. Pepper! The other things I looked up all seemed to be just a hair more than I could buy it for elsewhere.


Website says the item is out of stock.


And here's an interesting note- It says in the description, that one roll equals 2.6 of a regular 'ultra' roll. 12=24. But 12 x 2.6 is 31...


inventory varies by store location, there's a lot of other great deals all over the site right now that you can mix/match for the buy more save more deal. Here are some examples:

Scott Bathroom Tissue, Extra Soft Unscented, One-Ply, 12 rolls $5 before discounts

Folgers Coffee, Ground, Classic Roast, Medium, 39 oz (2 lb 7 oz) 1.10 kg $8.99 before discounts

Other Folgers Flavors $8.99 before discounts

Various Tide Laundry Detergents 75oz

Various Paper Towels

Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper, Double Roll, 1-Ply 12 rolls $5 before discounts


Why does the link redirect to clickserve and never go anywhere?