dealsnerf n strike elite hail-fire blaster for $20.00


I have 2 of these, and the clips get jammed constantly. The spring in the clip doesn't push the darts up, so you'll be pulling the trigger and nothing will happen. Ironically, they work just fine when you hold the gun upside down.


@kev50027: "Inversely, they work just fine when you hold the gun upside down." FTFY


I've never had any issues with my clip system clips jamming.

FYI, I have said this before with mygofers listings of these nerf guns, but the Barricade that is listed for $9.49, the pictures show a shoulder stock in the pictures, but it does NOT come with the stock. @mygofer: I thought you guys were going to fix that.


I, too, bought the Barricade with the picture showing a shoulder stock. I was pretty disappointed when one showed up without the stock. Fortunately, I was issued a refund (including for the cost of shipping) without even being asked to send back the product. I wanted the shoulder stock, not the Barricade, but I guess I ended up with a free Barricade.