dealspancake air compressor w/ brad nailer for $69.99…


Trust me, 100 pounds max is not enough. It will be cycling again and again as you work.


@wingnut99: no doubt. Most brad nailers are going to operate at about 90 psi, and this only has .6 cfm at 100. Guess you just have to wear ear protection. Good deal thou if you just need to do some base or casing.


@vallejokid: must have just went up, because I checked this about 2 hours ago and it was $69.99, but you are correct, it is now $89.99.


$89.99 is not as good a deal as $69.99


@bpenman: lol thank you. Did you know NOT getting into a head on collision on the way to the grocery store is better than doing it?


have this "YOU DONT WANT IT" bought it at sears it is loud an annoying takes 10 minutes to fill a tire, running all the time. you can buy mine for 50 bucks, new too


At 100 psi this should make the biggest and most compressed pancake you ever ate in your life. PSI stand for Pancake's Squared Inch right?


I have one similar to this.

Yep. It's noisy. (All air compressors are.) But I was able to use a framing nailer with it. Built my garden shed with the compressor.

If you don't like the noise, just put it someplace further away, and get more hose.


The big-boys (belt driven, slower) are less noisy. Then again, they're ~$300 or so...

I solved my noise problem (Harbor Freight $120 20 gallon job) by putting the compressor into a "closet" and putting some ventilation holes into the ceiling (otherwise the closet got way too hot). I put some walmart bed-foam on the walls/doors to cut down on the noise too.

If you do this (esp for smaller compressors!), remember to go in every once in a while and drain the water from the tank.... it's amazing how much water accumulates in there.
However - this being a pancake compressor means you should only use it for nails and the like -- it just doesn't have the pumping power for something like a die grinder or paint gun.

I like my Paintball CO2 bottle form brad nailing (or even junkyard impact wrenching, but the gas goes fast with that).


I wanted one till I figured out it wasn't for cooking.