dealssamsung 32gb mb-ssbga class 10 sdhc flash memory…


heavy duty? why? is the card going skydiving without a parachute?


@omgsideburns: I got one for my sub-orbital parachute jump, but it would probably be useful at the beach, too.


Would you still need a waterproof camera?


These cards are garbage in my experience. Go SanDisk Extreme SDHC for your DSLR. I bought one of these from Fry's and it was dead out of the package.


@coondogg97: If you have a waterproof camera, you shouldn't need a waterproof SD card.

All and all, this seems silly. Shockproof? I'm not certain what the terminal velocity of a memory card is, but I can't imagine it being fast enough to do any damage to even the cheapest card. And waterproof? I've put sd cards through the laundry on accident, and they all worked perfectly fine after a bit of drying time (rice helps with that).


@flychinook: It's for my Grandmother (avid deep sea diver). She has a great polaroid but it isn't waterproof.