dealsfujifilm s3380 14mp digital camera (26x zoom…


Has anyone ever ordered from them before? This deal seems a little too good to be true!


@susiewoots: I bought a camera like it a year ago 12MP but mine has no eye relief (you can't look through eye and with lcd screen on mine).14MP is ok but not having video at 1080 is lower grad.So I believe you are looking at a good Refurb camera.

Thing is my camera is the same large camera like shape as this, which might be much cheaper manufacture than camera size of credit card. I paid $129 for mine last year new at sorry I cant remember brand.It takes excellent pics and I have it set to 800 "film speed".
FYI You only get 90 days to return so minute it shows up try everything. Happy Hanukkah,Merry Xmas or if your a atheist happy Monday to you and yours.:D


I've ordered from them a few times over the past couple of years.


Something's fishy here. Amazon has never sold these new. Ritz has never sold these at all, as near as I can tell. doesn't have any listing for this item#. It seems like this camera didn't exist as a new product that could be reviewed. Foreign model, perhaps?


There's always youtube reviews. . Just reading through one videos comments quickly and one of them says short battery life, ran out in 70 pictures.


I have ordered from here a lot, and customer service is top notch. I also have this camera, got it from best buy for $180 or so, this looks to be a pretty good deal. Great camera too.


@robio: There's almost always something fishy about anything sold by Bensoutlet (AKA One-sale-a-day). Often they ship products as new when they're really refurbished/used or the product descriptions don't match what they ship. They take a long time to ship items and are a pain to deal with when something needs to be returned. I know that this deal looks awfully tempting, but I try to stay away from vendors that don't even have a contact phone #.


I just placed and order and little under a week got email confirming that it was shipped, I think the Amazon Prime crowd are just spoiled brats and bad mouth them, they are legit.


i also buy from them sometimes.
never had any problem.
shipping takes over 2 weeks from my experience.


I've ordered from Ben's several times,usually slow shipping but have had no problems. They are the same company as 1saleaday.


OK deal, not great. I saw a 16 MP GE (which I have personally used and works well) for $109 at Radio Shack.

Note that this camera will spend most of it's time at f/5.9, which means slower focus in lower light and you will NOT be able to take action-stopping "gym shots" that so many people want to do with their camera, but don't want to pay too much for it. It just doesn't work that least not for a few more years.

See my "16 camera checks of Christmas" to make sure your camera is ready for those once-in-a-lifetime holiday shots.


@radi0j0hn: I'd be interested in reading your "16 camera checks of Christmas" post but I'm a clueless n00b. Can you post a link to it?


Ben's Outlet: My experience with them is that they do not give full specifications of items, but if they did the items are apparently satisfactory. I bought micro sd cards from them which only go into phones and cannot be formatted for use in adaptors. But in devices they are good. I got a refund for another order that was apparently out of physical stock even though a shipping ticket was issued. They were at the lowest end of stock and on the site they do indicate inventory levels. They can only be reached by email but they do reply in around 24 hours.

Camera: This seems to be a British spec model, but that doesn't really matter. Here are the specs:

Fujifulm is an excellent camera maker with a line of high quality lenses comparable to the fine quality of Nikon lenses. All the movies we see on the screen are made by Fujifilm equipment. This camera is an excellent one in my opinion.


@ryanlehn: "I try to stay away from vendors that don't even have a contact phone #."

Like woot?


@srfoolishbuyer: What is the difference with a US model and a "British spec model"?

If the Amazon reviews are any indication it is a good camera and a good deal.

Hopefully all the negative comments will be proven wrong.

They are on the BBB with an F rating.

Phone: (347) 529-3434
Fax: (347) 295-2008
471 Cozine Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11208

Factors that lowered the rating for Ben's Outlet, Inc include:

Length of time business has been operating
58 complaints filed against business
Failure to respond to 1 complaint filed against business

BBB file opened: January 07, 2011
Business started: 10/04/2010 in NY
Business incorporated: 11/27/2009 in NY

Business Management
Mr. Ben Federman, President/CEO
Mr. Manny Pontos, Director of Operations


Yes, this is in fact an s3300. If you search on that model number, you will find much more detailed and objective review information than searching with the other number. Reviews seem to be mixed. I found some very negative comments in a dpreview forum discussion. But there was also a reasonably positive and somewhat thorough review at a site called "tech2", or something like that.. (sorry, can't post links from my tablet)

I'm going to pass because I think my Kodak z990 is a far superior bridge camera, although a bit more expensive. I don't think the Kodak z990 is available any more, although one might be able to find a relatively unused one on ebay, since they were recently sold out on woot at around $125.


@jrhusc: Great research! I didn't find the contact phone number and address. As far as I know about BBB, it is probably significant that there is one unresolved complaint and their customer service policies of email only that led to the "F" rating. Rather than look at the letter, I consider that of 58 complaints (those are listed specifically on the BBB page further) only 1 is unresolved. That tells me that 57 complaints were resolved. We can't know how quickly those complaints were made. Internet companies probably have many more complaints than brick and mortar.

Fujifilm has model numbers within series for feature differences between similar cameras. They use ostensibly the same body and optics, most of the same features. That it is UK would just explain why the US wasn't a market for the camera. It takes batteries so there isn't an electrical issue, and the features are the same as American model cameras in other S series models.


@ryanlehn: "I try to stay away from vendors that don't even have a contact phone #."
*Like woot? *

@superninja: Bazinga!!!


The lens is so slow, you'll be disappointed with it. Good lenses cost good money, this will be a poor choice for indoor photography, and with the small sensor and budget lens, will not likely do well at full telephoto either, even in bright sunlight. Spend a little more on a better bridge camera.



Ben's Outlet = 1 Sale a Day, VERY poor customer service. I bought a Fujifilm from 1 Sale a Day and it came in a box with different names on different sides. One said Ben's Outlet.

Don't expect it to come anytime soon - They printed a UPS Smartpost label on day 2, but then it doesn't go to UPS for a week, then once it gets from UPS to the USPS, it takes another week. It took 2 weeks to go from FL to TX.

I like Fujifilm cameras, they're very underrated. I have 2. If someone's complaining about only getting 70 photos out of the batteries, they've never owned a Kodak. I was lucky if I got 5-6 out of a kodak. (Yeah, I sent it back.)


@srfoolishbuyer: Well, despite the bad rating I'm taking a chance with them. It looks like a good camera at a very good price.

If the order goes without a problem my regret may be that it uses 4 AA alkaline batteries...I've avoided digital cameras that do that. But...I'll see.


Do not go to the above site from "tiffanydean6" , it is a big scam !


@jrhusc: I've had good luck with my Fujifilm S700 & S2450, with battery life. I take tons of photos for ebay and change batteries about once every two weeks. I do like the older one better though.


@jrhusc: DO get brand names though, Duracell or Energizer rechargeable though. The ones you get from office supply stores suck.


This doesn't seem like the before Christmas camera that I want to purchase then. The camera itself I like, and I can even deal with the slower than normal write to disc speeds, but I can't wait on the slow ship speeds. I'm going to have to pass on this deal.


@jrhusc: The camera also permits use of rechargeable batteries. You'll discover when you get it that there are instructions for telling the camera which batteries you are using.

In addition as for the life of the battery keep in mind that futzing (technical term for operating it without clicking the actual shutter) also uses up the juice. I think that the largest consumption comes from operating the zoom and creating the settings for the exposure.

The more experienced with the camera the more conservative will be the battery use. The more exposures you make without preparatory futzing the more images you will get per battery reload. But the camera does have so many features. There is both digital zoom and optical zoom which combine for the most mind-blowing focal lengths.


I took the chance and ordered this camera on Dec 11. Now regretting it. It never shipped until 6:20pm Friday dec 21, and is being sent UPS Surepost so it won't be here for yet another week!! Emails sent to Ben's Outlet, 4 since last Tuesday, dec 18, have all been ignored except for the first one- for which I received a form letter yesterday Dec 24 that was not even appropriate to the message I had sent. Will never do business with this company again.


I ordered this camera and it came. They never promised fast shipping and it wasn't that fast. But they delivered and the camera is exactly as described.

I have no complaints. I knew from comments shipping would not be fast and it wasn't a gift. I took a chance and ordered it, hoping there would be no quality issues and I haven't encountered any.

I would buy from this place again.