deals40% off one regular priced item


Still comes out to 50 bucks for a pair of jeans so its not really that great...


Wow. Levis got expensive.
Thank you, Kohls.


I want to know where they get off charging $198 for a pair of 501s just because they're made in the USA (the outsourced ones are only $48). What a ripoff!!!


Boo. How did this get 25 likes (at the time I posted this message)?


Insane prices! I've always loved my Levi's, but I'll be shopping on ebay. What a joke!


It's not just regular-priced things. I just tried with a pair of clearance jeans and it worked. Woot FTW!


the american consumer had a choice and still does to a smaller degree, and government had a choice to give more incentives to stay not leave, and corporations had responsibility to citizens to stay. not to mention that in my state, Ohio, minimum wage was raised by voter referendum---not in congress by republicans or democrats (and i know in several other states too).

anyhow, why is woot becoming a political forum? haha. everyone's so charged up about the election season eh?


@johnnys13: If you think minimum wage is "out of control", try working a job that only pays minimum wage and see what you think of it. Then remember that for some people that is the only job they qualify for right now (and that there are just not many job openings in this country right now).

On top of that, our "out of control" minimum wage is - compared to cost-of-living - one of (or perhaps alone as) the lowest in the industrialized world.


I'm tempted to order a pair, but I don't know how far off the fit will be this time. A while back I purchased two pairs of the same style and same size. The only difference between the two pair was the color - or so I thought. I tried them on and one pair nearly fell off it was cut so poorly. Then I tried the other pair on and could barely close the button or fit my hand in the pocket to put in my keys.

I checked the label and realized one pair was made in southeast Asia, the other in South America. I really miss when Levi's were made in the USA and had consistent sizing.


I get my made in China jeans for 10 bucks. I pay my own bills, I don't need to pay 200 bucks for jeans to pay someone elses as well.


every pair of jeans even with the discount is more expensive than THE SAME BRAND (compare the levi's 511s, for instance)


Wow. As a teenager, I remember buying Levis at the Navy Exchange for like $12 a pair, but that was way before comfort stretch denim and those suckers were so stiff you could bounce quarters off of them. I feel so old.