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Does anybody know if this can be programmed to operate a Roku?


@stark: I have a few different Harmony remotes and they do work with the Roku 2 xs box. But it won't let you play Angry Birds like the special Motion control stock remote.


I have one of these, and although the online programming is great, the quality of these remotes is bad. A few of the buttons don't work right anymore, you either have to mash them very hard or push them from the side. At this price, I am tempted to get another, but I might get another dud.


I've had a referbed 300 for a year. Works great in the bedroom. I manually programmed it for my patriot box office unit without an issue.

I would get another for the bedroom or kids room if needed. This is not a '1' button harmony remote like it's big brothers. This is a basic universal remote with logitech's vast program library and quality. If you want a '1' touch- turn on the tv, receiver, dvr, etc. Look at a 650 or higher model, but for 1 or 2 devices in the bedroom this works great.


I've had three for nearly three years and I'm very satisfied with them. I've got an off brand TV/DVD player and this is the only "cheap" universal I've ever found where both functions work. It does have a "Watch TV" button which turns on the TV and cable box. But that's it in terms of macros nothing customizable like its big brothers. The one pain with the set up program (at least up until the last time I programmed it two years ago) is that it only remembers your last setup, so if you have multiple remotes using different setups you'll have to start from the beginning each time. Not a huge hassle but a minor inconvenience especially if the back of a component isn't easily accessible to get model numbers. One other note is that the website that program's the remotes uses active x so you need a windows based PC to get the most functionality out of it. Like I said I haven't needed to reprogram them in 2 years it could have changed since then.


I have one of these remotes and they work great as long as you have a computer that can run the programming software. I was able to customize the buttons for each mode.

Normally I wouldn't vote up an auction site, but if you can get this remote for $18, it's a really good deal.


I've owned one for a couple years. Takes a little bit of time to set up the first time, but once it's set, you're good to go. Love the programmable "watch tv" button. Switches inputs, turns on all items (tv, cable box, receiver...). I've never had to change the batteries either.

And based on the comment above, I'm definitely going to get this thing rocking on my new Roku 2 XS. One remote to rule them all.