dealstyrannosaurus rex 34 inches for $8.50


was trying to look at it up i guess the stupid website wants you sign up for a account or it fades out the page and puts a giant block in the middle of the page....


Yeah Fab won't even let you look at what they're selling unless you join and give them your email (and who knows what other personal info). No thanks.


In addition to requiring an EMail registration (of course I gave them my actual EMail address... NOT) they don't accept PayPal.

Sure, I'll give my credit card info to someone I never heard of... who I'll probably never deal with again... NOT!




i want to know what went through their heads we they choose to even make you create a account just to look at their stuff. Your scaring people away just by doing so.


I've bought from Fab several times, and dealt with their customer service once. They're very friendly and offer a bunch of stuff that you just won't find anywhere else no matter how hard you look. It's a great site. The stuff they feature ranges from very inexpensive to very expensive, but almost everything is unique.

Also, I'm pretty sure they offer a free $10 credit to anyone who signs up. They might only do it some of the time, but they definitely did it for me for two accounts that I have with them.

I don't know why they require a log-in to view the site, but it's not dangerous, and it's probably worth your while.


wish i could at least look without signing up.


@stark: I've also had good experiences with them. I understand people's hesitation, but a lot of the best deals and/or most interesting and unusual products are on sites with membership gateways. It's too bad they're all missing out on that stuff.


@stark: Thank you.

I have ordered over 40 times from Fab. They are great. I also believe that the majority of the people on Deals.Woot are resourceful people, who would just Google to realize that it is not only legitimate, it is one of the most successful retail startups last year.

I have been posting these for a while, and flash sale is no longer new. I am honestly just tired of explaining something so simple to a minority group of late adopters. I figure that Fab wouldn't be for them anyway.


@crowbite: paypal sucks. Just use a credit card, and if any problems arise, the credit card company takes care of it for you. 1000x easier than dealing with paypal's horrible customer service.


No one who comes to Deals.woot wants to have to set up an account with a merchant just to view the merch. It's a very 1995 level of e-commerce.


@mmischke: You don't have to setup an account, you have to give an email address. EVERYONE who comes to Woot! has a random throwaway email address to use for merchants they have reason to be suspicious of. Email addresses are free; It's 2012, after all.