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We have one of these stores near us locally. We have bought quite a few things here in recent weeks. It is great for those just starting out. One thing to point out is that they leave out things which increase the price in the long run. We are going to buy a circular saw from them this week to use for a DIY project. The saw does not come with a blade in box. My husband doesn't mind that because he will just get a blade he needs. Something else we looked at didn't come with the battery and charger. It is sold separately. It's those little things that add to the price but in most cases they beat the big stores in price still. If you keep your eye out for the sales you will do great. We bought a cart for the garage to hold a chainsaw and suppies for well under the price anywhere else and it was perfect for our needs.


@helopoh: For some of the little odds and ends HF is good, for something (like I'd argue a circular saw) that might not be as disposable, I might look elsewhere. Price wise, HF has some great stuff, but some is not so great as well. I'd just say to compare price and reviews for a power tool before buying because there may be better for the same price or just a tad more, especially if you are having to piece a complete working item together. I got an evolution circular saw at sears for $25 which rivals even the cheapest circular saw HF offers. Also I have my suspicions about a saw not coming with a blade, may have been an open box evenif not labelled as such.

Having said that for work gloves, ear/eye protection, cart wheels... HF is great. I bought a 100 pack of the foam ear protection for cheap and I take a hadful of them when I take my kids to see a motocross or monster truck ralley so that I can give them to parents that didn't think about the noise with their little ones.


It would be wise to go to a HF store and touch the item before making a purchase. If you look closely at steel hand tools you will see a lack of finish that you get elsewhere, albeit at a higher price.

Over the years, I have bought two hydraulic items; they both lasted past the warranty period, but not much longer, and parts are virtually impossible to find. I bought a small cutoff router there for only $40, knowing I would not use it much. It failed in 5 minutes due to a critical adjustment screw being brass pressed into plastic. The replacement from Lowes cost $100, but it will not fail. I would not buy a true "emergency" generator from them.

They recently changed the return policy from 30 days to 90, but you absolutely must have a receipt. They have "sales" all the time, but you have to watch the item numbers closely to get the right one, there can be a very similair item right next to it that is regularly priced.

The store can be good for some things, and bad for others.


I buy, and post, a lot of stuff from HF. Agree that not everything is up to par as some lower end items elsewhere.

Having said that, I have a dozen or more power/bench tools I've bought from them with zero problems - some have been in use for over 5 years now.

No problems with blades, bits (though some break a bit easier but what could you expect with the price - especially very small bits) but found an interesting problem. Bought a box cutter and blades for work. Box cutter is fine, blades last about one cut and are worthless. Those I will continue to buy else where.


I always buy the first tool from harbor freight -- if it breaks or the job seems too hard, I buy a better too.

The $49 tile saw saved me $300 -- I never want to tile another floor again (back/knees -- the cutting was the easy part!).

Plus -- since everyone wants $3 each for white LED's, I take their 21 light flashlights to the bandsaw and make my own LED strips...


Note the warranty for HF tools requires the receipt...
some of their tools are ok, but as stated they are all China made and in most cases as expected: cheap.
I have quite a few tools from them over the years... been a customer since before they had retail stores. Returning items was never an issue. They have good prices on consumables (glue, sand paper, sending discs/belts), safety items, and the fool proof tools like hammers and clamps.
One of my Harley's (a touring bike) has been stored on their motorcycle dolly for 3 years. I use a heat gun from there and an electric impact wrench often enough with no issues, however the combination wrench set I bought many years ago is total ends spread under torque and the closed end is overly large for it's respective size.


Sometimes you need "Good"

Other times you just need "Good Enough"