dealsfleece photo blanket only $20.00 + $5.99 shipping…


How large it the blanket and what weight, if you have that information? Also, are there other background colors available? It'd be nice to have that kind of information before having to sign up in case it's really not of interest.


These blankets measure 39.5 inches by 60 inches

Additional image:


I just ordered one, yes there are several other background colors available. I got one with 10 pics of our kids for my wife for mothers day. It's a pretty painless process, you have to upload the pics to a file, but its really simple. It looked like there was some minimal editing features on the website, but I edited all my pics to the way I wanted them before I uploaded them, so I didn't use this feature. The only thing is the computer randomly places the pics on the blanket. You can click to change the order, but it's like a slot machine. The computer just randomly reassigns the pics in different places each time. Would be nice if you could place the pics manually, but it worked out. Coupon worked fine for me at 1535 Pacific time.
To the OP - great find, thanks :)