dealsset of tiffany inspired 1.00 carat princess…


Spent 15 minutes trying to find them on BBBonline -- no luck. Not trusting it atm


@eratosthenes: Yes, check out some of our happy customer comments here:

No, we do not make these up. The comments are real. We have many new customers, and long time customers that buy from us everyday. The only way to find out if our jewelry is quality, and our customer service is great is to make a purchase.

We will prove to you how committed we are by providing the Best Quality Jewelry with great Customer Service, at the Lowest Price on the Net.

Best Regards,


@sipasia: No, we are not a member of the BBB. is not a member of the BBB.

So, I guess a small biz like us, and a large biz like Woot does not have to be a member of the BBB to give great customer service, and sell great product to many customers everyday.


@jewelrydod: Why do you "forget" the shipping charges and attempt to pass off your jewelry as free? Plenty of people have tattled, and the woot mods have to go in and fix the deal for you.

Like this one, that has not been fixed yet:


@wootstheone: Let's address this comment that you stated to us with :"Why do you "forget" the shipping charges and attempt to pass off your jewelry as free?"

We do not "pass off" anything. There is always shipping charges, and they are always stated in multiple places before customers purchase products.