deals3d dinosaur shrinky dinks for $6.95 + free…


Nice find, but many here consider it bad form to say "free shipping" unless it's "free shipping with no strings attached.

For free super-saver (or with prime) I usually just say it in the description.


@tsfisch: It's free shipping. Strings or no strings. Does a rebate not count as a discount because you have to go through extra steps? Here's the better question: Why do you care? Why not just pass over the post and leave it alone? And for what it's worth, I've been around here for quite some time. Why should those of us that have prime not have an outlet to see deals that benefit us, just because you don't have it? And again... Why do you care?


@claudicina: It's not free shipping, it's free shipping over $25. This item is not over $25 so it's not free shipping.

I was just trying to politely help you post deals in a way that the community approves of (search in the "questions" section if you don't believe me). There was absolutely no reason to be snarky.


@tsfisch: Thanks for the help. You're a swell chap.


@tsfisch and @claudicina: What am I going to do with you two? Don't make me pull this car over to the side of the road. Quit downvoting each other (yes, yes you are, don't argue with me, or there will be a time out). Arguing is fine, gentlemanly disagreement is fine, and shrinky-dinks crack me up (but the smell from the oven is enough to make me want to never do that again, EVER).

Behave. I mean it.

{Yes, I upvoted each of your comments that were at zero. Downvoting makes me sad. :-( Except for spammers, of course.}