dealsdollar days: up to 80% off + extra 25% off 1 item


Sadly, I'm not impressed. These deals don't seem all that different from their normal prices. I've ordered a few things from them (rubber mallet, tarps, workbench, epoxy, etc.). It is often a gamble. Make sure you read reviews before purchasing, and check all listings because some items are listed twice. It might have good reviews on one listing and really bad on another.

Still, there are some good deals to be had!


@kazper: The best thing to do is go to the store and check out what you want. Some things though are better off delivered,(like a workbench) which you have to find the right sku to get the discounted shipping.
The Free coupons are always great, especially with the 25 foot rulers, and you can use the percent off coupons with the free item coupons. Most of the small tools are on par with HD tool quality, and some are as good as branded ( I bought a hammerdrill which is as good as my old Dewalt ) The return policy requires a receipt, and the warranty on hand tools is unlimited. You should keep your receipts in case, and their new emailed receipts ensures you don't lose them ,
The trick is to find the super coupons, in your emails or in local circulars, wait for the sales and use the percent off coupon on the sale item. You're not going to cheaply outfit an entire garage in one trip, but this couponing strategy works to get items at the absolute rock bottom price. so YMMV.


@daniellydiad: No, it is 6.99 unless you order something really big.

As far as buying things from them, I have a few items I've purchased in my tool arsenal. Most of the things that work best are the simpliest (mallet, tool boxes, tarps, etc.). Some of the items I've purchased were decent but definitely subpar (super glue) and others have simply been a complete waste of money (drill bits, portable work bench, wrenches). I strongly encourage people to check all reviews for the product they are interested in. Some things you can save a boat load of money on and not sacrifice any quality, but others you might as well leave your money on the HF counter and walk out.


This is really nothing out of the ordinary for Harbor Freight. At any given point in time, about 3/4 of the store is on sale. If you are on their mailing list they will mail you these specials relentlessly along with 20 to 25% off coupons for one regular priced item (which they will also apply to sale items). Don't listen to people who bash Harbor Freight's tool quality. It's the same as any other tool store, you have to research to see how a tool stacks up with others. I have a few power tools I bought at Harbor Freight that were rated higher than Dewalt tools and both are made overseas. It is nice that you can actually go to Harbor Freight's site and read some helpful and unbiased reviews on their tools. They don't censor negative comments on bad products so you can generally trust positive feedback when it is given.