dealsvm audio srhp3 foldable over head headphones…


$11.99 != $9.99, is the red one the only one that is supposed to be $9.99?


@lichme: The red is correct and I spoke with the merchant and they are working on fixing the blue.


Anyone know the difference between the HP3 and the HP5 that are also $10?


They look like decent headphones, but I'd really like to see more product reviews from people that actually paid for them. Anyway, I ordered a pair for two upcoming trips that I have, and don't want to lose/break my AKG's.


Wow, the product description says they have "acoustic sound." That's really rare these days. These guys clearly have their technical chops.


@gusvonpooch: Howdy, aside from the design there are couple of main differences:

SRHP3 above is rated at 120 dB sensitivity whereas SRHP5 is rated at 105dB. Both are pretty loud and you probably wouldn't want to listen at max volumes on either of these, but SRHP3 linked here is louder.

SRHP3 has a soft head cushion, SRHP5 doesn't.

Hope this helps.


Quick little review after buying them when this was posted:

They feel like $10
The sound is not terrible. I listened to some pop, dubstep, and rock music with no problems or washing out.
The wire with braided cloth over it is neat

Overall for $10 its not a bad deal


Just got mine. The sound is better than $10 would seem, but the metal parts were scraped up when I got them. The braided cloth wire is cool, as it doesn't snag so easily. I'd have to agree these aren't a bad deal, but maybe more care needs to be taken not to scrape them up in manufacturing.