dealsapple ipad 4 w/ retina display 16gb with wi-fi…


Looks to be $50 cheaper than Best Buy.


Refurb at genuine Apple store (with same warranty as new) is $20 less. AND the big Apple store sale starts Friday.....


@willnott I fully support refurbs, but since I would already be paying this much, $20 isn't worth it to me when I could get something new, but that's just me! It will be interesting to see the Apple Black Friday sales though...


This is the every day price at MicroCenter


Got a iPad air for $400 from Target. Technically its a bundle that includes an iPad Air + $100 gift card for $480. Total came up to $501.74.

I just walked into the store at 8:05. granted I had to wait in line at the tech section for like 20 minutes but its warm inside. And they had plenty of stock.