dealspolaroid 4gb portable mp4/video player with fm…


Factory recertified so not a new product.
Can't find specs on Polaroid's site with the product number (PMP150FM-4).
Doesn't seem like it has a microSD slot for expansion.
Nothing listed on Amazon with that product number either.

I guess this could be a decent stocking stuffer, but otherwise it might not be worth it unless you only want 4gb of music at any given time (minus whatever the device itself needs to run). If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me, but this doesn't seem like that great of a deal given the info I have available.


Saw it at Home Depot too. It's only $8 more if you don't count shipping. Anybody have experience with it?


That was also my question. Anybody here have one?
Or is this like the other Polaroid MP3 POS player they foist on us every now and then?
Enquiring minds, and all that.
I already bought some Sandisk Clips, so I'm definitely passing anyway.
But I already have a broken Polaroid player.