dealssony sgpt111us/s tablet s - android 3.1 honeycomb…


This deal seems too good to be be true. Does anyone have any input on the tablet or the seller?


According to this link:
the Tablet S has a factory Ice Cream Sandwich OS now. I really liked this tablet when it came out; the wedge form factor makes it feel like you're holding a (thin) book. I didn't wind up buying one, though, which seems to have been a popular decision.


@lydon71: I cannot speak for the tablet itself as I have never used one personally but based on the reviews at amazon ( it looks like it is a pretty solid tablet.

As for the seller, they are a reliable company. I have purchased many PC's and parts from them and have never had any issues.

Hope this helps


i so want one. being a ps3 junky though im sure if i get it ill be labeled a sony fan boy by my apple fan boy friends.


I got the 32gb model on Woot a few months ago. I really love it.
-Solid performer
-has SD slot (not for apps), internal memory and USB memory so is a little different than some.
-Very comfortable to hold.
-LONG battery life
-2 cameras (can zoom)

Cons-Uses proprietary charger
-Less known so occasionally there are apps that say it isn't supported
-Playstation store useless
-Since last update a few weeks ago, every time it reboots, you loose the icons for apps stored in USB storage, but from what I have read this is not unique to Sony, but has happened to other devices as well.


Decent price for a tablet in this size range, but the Tegra 2 is a turn off for me. I would rather save my dough for a bit longer and get a Nexus 10 or a Transformer. Tegra 2 is a bit out of date now. But again, no hating or trolling here, for the price...this might be a good deal for some!


@alexanderluthor: I can not think of any way that could be a bad thing.

This is a very good tablet at this price. It does have 4.0 available for update from Sony.


I also bought the 32gig when it was on Woot a while ago. I really like it (although tablets still seem somewhat pointless to me). It performs well and I do like using it for editing things that I've written.

While the wedge shape does make it comfortable to hold and it has a nice grippy texture to it. The downside to the wedge is generic rectangular cases won't fit, but there seem to be plenty of cases designed for it.