dealssamsung bd-e5300 blu-ray player with apps…


I bought this through the main page. At first I thought it was a great deal! Then, after the first week, the image started going out after about an hour. I found that this became more and more constant. Soon, I could not watch more than 30 minutes at a time. No dvd, blu-ray, or Netflix program. I called Samsung help line and found that even though woot said I had a 90 day Samsung refurbished warranty, Samsung was not going to honor it as they had no record of the transaction. After harassing them several times and having to spend 10 hours on the phone over several calls, they said I could forward them the receipt and that they would call me back when they received it. I sent the receipt and never received a call. I called them back again and they said to resend the receipt. I emailed it again and I'm still waiting for the call back(3 months). Do not buy this! It will die and you wont be able to use it!.


Thank you Archello,

My experience with Samsung support is identical. They make a quality product but their after sales support (in case you get a lemon) is horrible!


@archcello: I'd like to report that the experience you and @flyingwriter had with this product was actually better than mine. The one I received never worked at all. Thankfully, woot accepted the return, but based on what you have shared, it's definitely not worth it to pull the trigger again. Thanks.


Thank for the comments. I love my Samsung phone but I'll stay away from this blue ray player.


I bought mine several months back from woot, and it's still working just great after a bit of initial confusion as to how their app store worked.