dealsbelkin tunebase direct with hands free for ipod…


I've got one of these that I bought from Apple for $90 almost a year ago. The convenience is great, if you have a stereo with an Aux 3.5mm jack socket. BUT, whilst my iPhone 3GS in a Griffin Elan case fitted it perfectly, my new iPhone 4 with an Apple Bumper on it won't so it won't charge :-( Also, and this one may be specific to my car (a 2007 Volvo XC90) after a few months the plug that goes into the lighter socket stopped gripping tightly - it's got a rubber "flange" to hold itself in place which appears to have worn down - so now every time I turn a corner the whole thing falls to the left or right dependent on which way I turn. It's insanely annoying, because if you have a passenger in the car it falls over and smacks them in the knee. So, highly recommended as a great solution to get your iPhone / iPod audio into your car stereo (no alternator whining in my case) but highly not recommended for the cigarette lighter socket mounting solution. YMMV