dealsplaystation 3 dualshock 3 wireless controller for…


costco was selling a controller and a $20 game (little big world 1, sega classics) for $40.


@bigshtank: They were at gamestop, black friday 2011.


Man Sony is being greedy, with the amount of PS3s out there, these should be $19.99 by now.


Black is usually not on sale, I picked up blue for $36 and it wasn't a particularly low sale price. I was looking for a long while though and got tired of waiting for them to drop (they really don't drop often).


Pink is also $40.

Before Christmas, I saw official Dualshock controllers in the $30 - $35 range, though.

$40 is still a decent price, but it isn't uncommon on Amazon. Sellers drop into that price range about every 2 months.