dealsholiday ring sale for men: $5.00 off any light…


Not really a deal, they just jacked up the price of these rings $5 and then give a $5 off coupon. I have bought a lot of rings off of Tanga and they are nice and at a very fair price, but this isn't a cool move by them.


@niel89: Not sure if you noticed or not, but right about Nov 3rd the price of pretty much everything went up.


Wearing 4 tungsten rings is much more comfortable and fashion forward than brass knuckles.


One Deal to Rule them All! Too bad they don't resize themselves like the real thing.


@niel89: And here I was thinking that I'd be able to get one of the LOTR rings for $10 (as I skipped when I saw them at $15), but their price change means that it's still at $15. Sneaky bastards.


I got a black tungsten lotr ring a couple weeks ago and I'm very impressed with the quality. At that price I kind of expected it to be kind of cheesy. I couldn't convince my finance that using the ring of power for a wedding band is a good idea though...


I bought the gold version of the LOTR ring a few weeks back, and love it!

My only issue is that the ring really is designed for men; it's much chunkier and heavier than a ladies' ring. I can definitely feel the weight of it. Other than that, it's beautiful. The script is perfect both inside and out! I'm working on my Sindarin, and the ring inspires me to keep going.