deals$20 off $50 from shopping for $20.00


I really want to use this, but I'm having trouble finding a place to put the Promo codes when I check out. Anyone get this to work?


Here's a screen shot of where the code goes and one of it applied:

If you don't see the promo code field, the item is most likely not qualified for the offer.

Hope this helps.


@benkool: Yeah, that helps. I add other items to the cart, the promo code box shows up. I'm trying to get SimCity, which is under "software," but no go. Thanks for your help!


Just be careful buying from this site. Several times, I have been unable to see the shipping charges prior to committing to buy.


Who was the marketing genius that decided a name that I can't easily pronounce is a better name than


Just picked up some Koss Pro DJ100 headphones, normally 80 bucks, marked down to 53. So I got them for 33 bucks, free shipping.

Pretty damn good deal.

Thanks, upvoted.


@subrec: I am not saying that it makes sense but Japan-based Rakuten, one of the world's biggest web-based companies, decided to rebrand whom (or is it "which") they bought last year. Same deal with Linkshare even if they have not changed the URL. I guess they really like their name:


@subrec: You can trademark, but you can't trademark (nor exclude others from the use of) the word "Buy". While a lot of us have a customer relationship with and are familiar with the brand, it's not a name worth sinking a lot of advertising money on because they don't own the word "Buy". You can't build on what you don't own.

A small tangent; the name "Rakuten" is stupid. If you're going to rename the company, name it something that is memorable.


@justabandnerd: You're assuming that advertisements for have to use the name "Buy"... but the name we all think of for that company is "Buy-dot-com". So, they can trademark their name, and this change was still pointless... except for the egos of the execs at Ratatoucan or whatever.


Picked up the Trent external 12000mAh battery for ~$30. Nice!


Ok... sometimes it works, and sometimes it don't.
I just tried the Get20PC and it failed...


I just tried GET20HOME on an order and it said it was an invalid code.


Expired at midnight 3/12/13 PST


This would have really come in handy a couple weeks ago when I was ordering a computer there. Oh well.



When you enter the title for your next deal, if it's like this one, what I think you meant to put was "$20 off $50 from Shopping (formerly for $0" rather than "$20 off $50 from Shopping (formerly for $20." The latter (the way it's posted, implies you have to pay $20 to get a $20 coupon code (doesn't make sense), when really, using the code is free, which results in a $20 savings.



@ssratracer: It's now 9am CDT on 3/13 and they're still listed as valid. Where do you see that they expired last night?

@ others who couldn't get a code to work: They don't have one for every single dept. If you try to use the PC code in the home dept, it won't work---you have to use the home dept. code specific to that dept., etc.

I tried them all on a pet-related item I thought might qualify for the home-dept. coupon (since it's a portable playpen) when the home coupon didn't work, but still no go. I even tried GET20PET (made it up using their same format), but no luck there, either.


@reginafilangee: it says right below the big banner, offer valid from 12am March 12 till 11:59pm March 12. That is pacific time zone.



I noticed that after I hit submit. Sorry for the confusion.


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